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‘Voicegate’ is a “Voice Recording platform” which provides Contact Center Solution (CCS). It acts as unified platform that offers solutions for both in-bound and out-bound operations of existing or new contact centre business.
Voicegate’s CCS is a standards-based and complete contact handling solution for the contact centers that combine the call center communication systems like IVR and ACD to cater to a variety of process-driven call center applications such as customer support, financial services, utilities, telemarketing and sales, collections, healthcare, technical support, marketing research, consumer products industries, helpdesk etc. As a unified platform, CCS delivers wide-ranging solutions like Automatic Caller Distribution, IVR Assistance, Call Queuing, Screen Pop-Up, Automatic Dialling, Voice Logger, Live Monitoring, Quality Monitoring, MIS Reporting, Customer Management, Optimum Utilization of manpower etc. The extended abilities of automatic call distribution based on factors like policy-based call routing, Agent’s Most Idle Time, Campaign Level Call Queuing and Supervised Call Transfer make VoiceGate’s CCS one-of- its kind solution for contact centers.

• Supports TDM, CTI and Database integration
• Facilitates server and client level administration for enterprise-level usability
• Unique user-level privileges for all users and agents to grant role-based access control
• Generates web and stand-alone reports for administrator and agent for business and agent evaluation
• Powerful agent training, monitoring and supervising tool Remarkably reduces costs by optimum utilization of workforce
• Enables contact centers to efficiently and effectively administer quality monitoring by thoroughly evaluating agent performance
• Distributes calls automatically on various factors like agent call status, extension status, caller input, campaign, department, language, most idle agent, policy, and skill based routing
• Facilitates multiple campaign level call queuing with advanced features like queue message, expected wait time and queue number announcements
• Enables Real-time, continuous and on-demand recording of telephone conversations to cater to various call tapping requirements of an organization

• Robust and Scalable solution
• Compatible and configurable with all types of EPABX
• Supports single window access to information that flows in and out of contact centers
• Flexible enough to customize the solution at every possible level to accommodate process owners, agents and supervisor’s specific preferences and expectations
• Automatic and manual recording of telephone conversations to cater to need-based recording requirements with utilities like backup and playing the file from the native application