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The complete and integrated solution designed to improve your productivity
Today, the glass processing sector ranges from craft level to industrial operations. In this context, it is essential to develop IT solutions that can improve the efficiency of glass companies. That is what Synerglass-Soft offers: a fully customizable management software for optimizing each stage of your glass processing business. The software is built on the philosophy of ‘Organization’ for glass processing industries. It is best suited to increase a business’s productivity and keep it profitable regardless of circumstances.

The advantages of Synerglass

  • Comprehensive modules:
    1. -Synerglass has comprehensive modules and submodules for all the processes in a glass processing company. Modifications and
      additions can be made to them by a resourceful development team!
  • User guidance:
    1. -All you need to do is to follow the instructions given by the system to perform tasks professionally. Our support team can
      provide you with all the help needed!
  • Simplification of tasks:
    1. -Using automated procedures and decision support tools, repetitive and tedious tasks become simple and fast.
  • Tracking of operations in real-time:
    1. -Each event is recorded and makes your employees’ work transparent.
  • Secure access:
    1. -Each user has a personal profile that determines their access to functions that are useful and necessary to them.
  • Adaptability and problem resolution:
    1. Given the increasingly complex and urgent demands in today’s industry, Synerglass has the resources to provide a fast and flexible response to situations. Our support team is available at your disposal for fast resolutions to your issues or queries.

All these advantages make work easier and more enjoyable and improve your company’s performance.

Significant final benefits:

  • Satisfied customers.
  • A team that is enthusiastic about working with a powerful and adaptable tool.
  • Significant reduction in scrap rate, faults, wastage, and losses.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Guaranteed return on investment.
  • Increase in profits.

Key features about Synerglass are:

  • Core modules cover every phase of the basic cycle of a glass processing business and help to reduce wastage and losses
  • Adaptable to various situations according to the customs of a country, every technique of work appropriate to the client, etc.
  • Custom-made developments can be added to the software according to the client’s specific needs
  • A wide range of additional modules integrated into Synerglass allows increasing the possibilities for management of the company beyond the fundamental cycle
  • Creates statistics based on different parameters to help you to understand your business performance and needs
  • Easily compatible with external computerized maintenance management systems
  • Available in multiple languages like French, Spanish, Italian, English
  • To add to this, Synerglass-Soft also offers specific mobile applications like Syner Gabarit, Syner Move Racks and many more to help you to manage your daily operations with ease and efficiency.