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ITS Voice Trading Solutions:BT Global Banking & Financial Markets
The ITS voice trading platform from BT is the leading communications platform for trading rooms around the world. With more than 60,000 traders in 51 countries across 800 customer sites, the ITS trading platform supports voice, video, IM, e-mail and other multimedia communications services across a range of devices and communications standards.

BT enables business transformation for financial services firms by being the leading networked IT services provider to the global financial community.
BT designs and manages financial technology solutions that meet customers’ complex infrastructure and communications service requirements.

ITS Products and Applications

• ITS Netrix
• ITS Myriad
• ITS Anywhere
• ITS Recorder

The ITS trading platform has been specifically designed to meet the exacting requirements that financial industry customers demand.

ITS Products and Applications
ITS.Netrix: A complete multi-media trading system that supports voice, video and data. Available as traditional TDM and fully-converged IP, ITS. Netrix is capable of evolving as the firm’s communications infrastructure requirements change.

ITS Myriad: A middleware framework that enables financial services firms to integrate end-user CRM applications with communications devices and services, including IM, e-mail, chat, voice and video.

ITS Anywhere: A unique application extending access from the ITS platform to a range of devices including Cisco, Avaya, and Nortel IP phones, web browsers, mobile phones and BlackBerrys, while maintaining ITS’s central call recording functionality for regulatory compliance.

ITS Recorder: BT’s reliable voice recording system for capturing, indexing and retrieving customer/caller interactions for front and back-office environments can record up to 380 channels to capture 100 percent of interactions. ITS Recorder’s sophisticated, enterprise-wide record, search, and replay capabilities support ITS systems as well as PBX systems from Avaya, Cisco and Nortel, and can record both TDM and IP channels.

ITS Services
Virtual ITS: A set of embedded network services for trading communications and collaboration on the trading floor. The service offering moves the ITS. Netrix infrastructure to a fully-managed BT data center with all services being provided through the BT Radianz Shared Market Infrastructure. By utilizing Virtual ITS, firms with fewer than 25 trading positions receive all the benefits of the ITS. Netrix trading turret without investing in on-site communications equipment or technical expertise. All connectivity and infrastructure are available in the network, and all management and support services are provided by BT’s 24-hour specialized financial technology support team. Virtual ITS supports a wide range of BT user devices and applications, including ITS. Netrix, ITS Anywhere for IP phones, web, mobile and BlackBerry, and ITS Myriad.

BT ITS Voice Trading Platform

ITS Voice Trading understands that Customer voice communication is quite simply mission-critical. Advanced technologies are becoming available for use in the trading environment, opening new channels of communication.

Supporting customer’s critical voice applications
ITS Voice Trading provides the robust, flexible platform required to run the trading room smoothly. The solution is flexible, employing new technology that integrates with the legacy systems. The solution exploits the advances in data and voice technology using both, time-division multiplexing (TDM) and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) simultaneously. The modern approach enables you to deploy the new technologies wherever it makes business sense, and without disrupting your existing trading infrastructure.

Leading the way in customer’s critical voice applications
With more than 10 years of experience providing trading communication for financial services Jampot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers:

  • Stability:
  • As part of a $10 million enterprise, we offer you the scale and resources of a global telecommunications leader.

  • Experience:
  • BT ITS Voice Trading Communications have delivered world-class solutions to 30 percent of the world’s traders in over 50 countries with 800 customer organizations.

  • Community:
  • Enjoy the largest secure information network developed specifically for traders.

  • Innovation:
  • As one of the largest research and development investors in the industry, we continue to build new solutions to enhance your trading room.

  • Flexibility:
  • Choose from a range of user devices, applications, and use of time-division multiplexing (TDM) and Internet Protocol (IP) technology to suit your needs.

IP Dealer board Solutions
We offer the IP Trade range of Profile Trading Turrets, using flexible, fully resilient technology which allows the middle and back office to collaborate seamlessly with the traders in the front office.

Unified Trading Key Components:

BT Unified Trading ITS​
o IP voice trading platform​
o Resilient non-blocking architecture​

BT Unified Trading collaboration server​
o Integrating communications, apps & information​
o voice, video, messaging, CRM

BT Unified Trading recorder​

​BT Netrix devices​
o BT Turrets​
o Business Continuity Plan (BCP) capability​

BT Unified Trading private wires

Integrated with BT Netrix and BT Radianz cloud Underpinned by global support & monitoring

BT ITS platform (central equipment)
• The ITS platform range covers small – large floors (p31, p41, p51 and p107)
• TDM, IP and hybrid TDM + IP turret connections

BT Unified Trading benefits
BT Unified Trading: offers next-generation trader voice, multimedia and collaboration
services that enable:-
o Better opportunity spotting, and the capability to make faster and more informed decisions
o Ability to offer differentiated knowledge & advice to your clients
o Scale technology up and down, through the cloud, allowing full control over your business
o Flexible deployment options allow cloud/data center hybrid configurations
o Distributed technology provides more comprehensive business continuity and risk management options
o Flexible commercial models e.g. pay-as-you-go
o Backwards compatible across your communication infrastructure, leveraging current investments and enabling controlled evolution and upgrades

Why BT ITS Trading Platform?
•Experience: Providing mission-critical voice, data and hosting products and services to the financial services industry for more than 30 years:
– Completely focussed on the needs of the financial services sector through BT GB&FM
• Market leaders: Every day 1 in 3 of the world’s traders use a BT dealer board.
• Community: 15,400 client sites across 60 countries, with 450+ service providers delivering to 68,000 turrets
• Continuous innovation: Clear vision, strategy and roadmap, helping clients deal with today’s demands for agility, flexibility, customer focus, risk management and compliance
• Core strength: Combining core strengths to design and manage end-to-end turnkey solutions to meet market demand; financial strength and global scale and reach, serving our clients globally and delivering locally.