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Dispatch professionals in public safety, emergency services and government and industrial command centers generally rely on a combination of specialized communications systems and tools to maximize situational awareness, collaboration, and response times.

Until now, there was not a single system able to unify the various streams of communication and information to optimize the performance of command center operators. BT Command has introduced the industry’s most advanced platform with high-capacity purpose-built applications and devices that enable dispatch professionals to easily communicate and collaborate with anyone on any device over any type of network.

BT Command is a software-based, high-availability VoIP/RoIP platform is designed for round-the-clock mission-critical environments.

Solution Overview

BT Command is a high-performance, session-management platform that truly unifies communications” The BT Command application is fully-integrated with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), and Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS), a complete IP-based dispatch and incident response solution.
The BT Command solution has a software-oriented architecture based on open standards, like Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and is extensible to multiple communications technologies and information systems including voice, video, data, and radio systems.

BT Command Turret Desktop

The turret offers command center operators a purpose-built high-capacity form factor with a rich graphical touch screen interface that unifies voice, video, data, and radio communications on fixed or mobile networks for users in a single, sturdy, easy-to-use and customizable desktop device which can be built-in to a console or free standing.

Features & Benefits

The BT Command Turret is a touch screen device that enables dispatch professionals to quickly and easily visualize, prioritize and process many simultaneous streams of communication. The Unified Communicator supports connections with a range of peripherals including multiple handsets, gooseneck microphones, wired/wireless headsets, high–fidelity speakers and a built-in video camera.

BT Command consoles – TouchPro options

Our core operator software is the TouchPro

  • Up to 33 simultaneous media streams – handsets/speakers/intercom
  • Speakers licensed as 3, 10, or 30 channels
  • 2 handsets with colored lights to differentiate, headset compatible (3.5mm socket), Stalk Mic
  • 1 or 2 side speakers – allocate channels left/ right/center or to handset/headset
  • Full operator voice functionality – one touch, barge-in, ring-downs, speed dials
  • Access to external directories – Cisco, Outlook, AD
  • 10,000 stored contacts
  • Space for 6 applets on the T4 including:
  • Space for 48 line keys (zoom/pan possible)
  • Call history
  • Directory access
  • Voice recording replay
  • Shortcuts
  • Speaker control
  • Video (TV and conference)
  • Administration
  • Dynamic changes to user config
  • Global free seating (TSS ‘realm’)
  • Single sign-on / active directory options.