Home Testimonial
Hello Aloysius, Support Team,

First of all I would like to thank you for the possibility to work together, collaborate, and being supported from your side.
I thought about evaluating the below topics:

  • Reaction time
  • We are fully satisfied with Jampottech’s reaction time, as we’ve always got the requested support level, indifferent of it was for an urgent topic or not, or it was needed a deeper, or more specific knowledge or just a basic BT Trading support question.

  • Flexibility
  • Highly appreciated from our side as well is, that Jampottech Support Team always reacted on our requests with their most flexible attitude, indifferent of it was for a weekend, or just it had to be considered “only” the Timezone difference between India and Europe.

  • Communication
  • The good communication is also one of the most valuable key points. We experienced clear statements from Jampottech, meaning in most of the cases a successful support, or – rarely only – a clear communication that something can’t be supported by Jampottech. This is also very helpful, as let us to avoid valuable time losses.

  • Follow up
  • This is something which I would like to be able to learn and follow from Jampottech, as we experienced always a very good follow up.

  • Product portfolio knowledge
  • In almost all the cases we’ve seen a very good product knowledge by Jampottech side, and highly skilled Support Team members.

  • International experience
  • Jampottech Support Teams’s international experience is also a big value for us, as it helped already several times with examples, experiences, and problems fixing methodology.

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Highly appreciated by us also that each and every time, and sometimes even in repeated mode, the Support Team members – at least the ones I worked with until now: Mahima, Akshay, Aloysius, and I am sorry if I didn’t mentioned everybody – shared with us their best knowledge, which also improved our efficiency and confidence. Support Team members are great team players as well, generally, and in all the numbered topics.

  • Solution orientation
  • It is also a great value for us that we’ve always experienced a big focus on Jampottech’s solution orientation, instead of approaching the issues with problem orientation view. In some cases – where a direct fix or solution was not existing – this lead to a workaround, which saved the situation in front of our customers.

  • Technical advisory
  • Many times helped us a lot that Jampottech was able to advise us quickly and in an efficient and simple way, which lead us to get a better position in front of our customer, compared with the times before getting supported by Jampottech.

My evaluation may be subjective, representing only my viewpoint, and it is even not from a professional audit company. Despite of the mentioned things, I truly believe and confirm that being supported by Jampottech Support Team, definitely improved our position, confidence with BT Trading, which is appreciated by our customers as well. I and we are thankful for that, and we would be happy to get the same support level from some other vendors, for other products as well, like the support level we have from Jampottech.
Big thanks again, my highest appreciation, and I hope we can continue with.

Best regards,

Ferenc Kádár, System Engineer, T&N ICT SOLUTIONS
Dear Aditya,
This letter is to extend our appreciation towards the Jampot Team’s involvement and execution of our project in Bangalore at the premise of our client Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), for the successful completion of the Proof of Concept of Digitization and Turnaround Management Project with great efficacy & utmost dedication and delivery as expected by NTT Dimension Data and our client as per the targeted timelines.
The NTT team also admire the fact that the Jampot team was able to help us beyond the scope of work by“assisting the project in multiple scenarios which helped us in the overall completion of the project with greatest appreciation received from our client BIAL.
Once again, we would like to thank and congratulate the whole Jampot team involved in this project, for the hard work, dedication and professional approach put in to complete the project successfully.
My special appreciation goes to Anshul Sharma and Glenie Fernandes.
In addition, you too have always contributed a lot during this very high visible project. Wishing the Jampot team to continue the same spirit in the upcoming projects as well.

All the best and good luck ahead”
Best regards,

Manjunath B.G, Program Manager, Consulting - Program & Project Management NTT India Pvt Ltd
Jampot Technologies is Technology solution and services company having partnership with European companies and primarily with companies in Wallonia region, Belgium. We were also involved for last 6+ years in handling internship programme through Le Forem for Belgian Graduates (French Speaking) to come to India for professional experience. We have been recruiting members with good expertise in French language and all the profiles we get with good command on French language have their educational background with Alliance Française de Pune. We see Alliance Française de Pune as a defacto institution for French Language resources. Recently we have recruited three members and looking to hire two more with French language experience and all of them come from Alliance Française. This itself speaks about excellent courses they are running that is creating such a good language expertise and liking of French language among graduates in India.
Alliance Française de Pune had also helped Jampot earlier by providing quality internship for a few Belgian Interns at Alliance Française office. Alliance Française also helps us by posting our job requirements with their internal
communication. It gives us confidence that we could find quality members with French language fluency in Pune, India while working with companies in Belgium and France.
I hereby Thank wholeheartedly to Alliance Française de Pune and their associates for creating such a great French-language platform in Pune. Looking forward to a continued relationship
Thanks and regards

Sameer Gokhale, Director and CEO: Jampot Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Dear Ms. Bhanu Jathani,
This letter is to appreciate your contribution as a Technical Support Engineer.
You were working on Indian Navy ICE project, where your extreme involvement and initiatives
has helped a lot. Your work on Air gapped Installation & Barrick Gold deployment and
documentation is worthy the appreciation.
You are a quick learner with excellent leadership qualities. These qualities have helped you
driving the task towards completion and also leading training sessions for new team members.
Your involvement and availability for Support activities like testing’s, etc was a great example of
your qualities.
You went beyond your scope to identify the issues in the system, which you took up with the
developer to debug them.
Your dedication towards work with the involvement has helped not just you but the team to
achieve big.
Many congratulations for achievement!
Sameer Gokhale, Director and CEO: Jampot Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Dear Mr. Rajeev Kukade
This letter is to appreciate your contribution as Technical Support Professional.
You have been working on the LIC Project. You took efforts to understand and know about BT
Trading and BT Turrets. Further you made yourself available to learn variety of new technologies.
You have been working on the installations of BT Trading System and successfully completing the
UAT at LIC Banglore. During this course, you have treated the Project on highest priority with
quality output. It is difficult to manage the projects alone without the colleagues like you.
We were happy to have you as a team member in our BT and ITS Team. You are an asset to the
Many congratulations for achievement!
Sameer Gokhale, Director and CEO: Jampot Technologies Pvt. Ltd.