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Cisco system Inc. is the leader in manufacturing network hardware used in computer networks. Its headquarter is in America, San Jose California. The company’s specialty is making network connectors-routers, bridges, and switches. They also design technologies and services for Internet communication. Cisco is known for network products that support more than one protocol. Protocols are standards or sets of instructions that regulate or enable a communication data transfer or connection between two points (sender and receiver). While Cisco does not write protocols, its products use them to communicate. They are the worldwide leaders in networking for the internet

IP Trade centralizes vital information by unifying voice, data, and video communications into a single, flexible platform. Based on state-of-the-art Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), VoIP, and IP technologies, IP Trade enables traders to instantly access global colleagues located anywhere, data and analyses on IT systems, real-time streaming media, and other vital information. IP Trade allows traders to increase productivity, efficiency and superior trading by optimizing performance through unified communications. A trading floor is not a “one size ‑fits all” environment, a series of trading applications and turret form factors are available to suit every type of user.

British Telecom: British Telecom (BT) is the major provider of telecommunications networks and services in the UK. With over 1 million customers, BT Business handles the diverse communications needs–telephone, broadband, fiber security, cloud, etc. —of a wide range of companies.

Jampot Technologies is serving as a distributor and Services partner for BT’s Trading Telephony Solution in India serving prominent Global and local banks and financial institutions. Jampot also provides Worldwide deployment, Training, and support services to BT and BT’s partner ecosystem and customers.

The Dillon Kane Group (DKG) is a privately-held group of affiliated companies that seeks to create long-term value for the customers we serve, the businesses we run, the communities in which we work, and the investors with whom we partner. InstantConnect: Instant Connect software revolutionizes how mobile teams communicate and stay connected, so they’re safer and more productive

Jampot Technologies partnered with DKG since 2018 and proudly servers its worldwide customer on a 24×7 basis. Jampot also provide sales, deployment, and support services for InstantConnect in India, customers like Indian Navy, Bangalore International Airport, Kandla Port, Srinagar Smart City, Goa Smart City ..

TC&C was founded in 1992 and and has played a main role in telecommunication software development and the computer telephony integration areas. Its main focus is on innovation for unified communication and it provides business flexibility that can only be cost-effectively addressed through an IP-based solution. IP telephony systems and contact centers are the next generation communication solutions. TC&C entered this marketplace for one simple reason: to help its customers gain competitive advantage.

AGC Networks ltd. provides innovative solutions in four quadrants Unified communications, Network Infrastructure, Data Center & Virtualization and Enterprise Application. AGC provides customized business solutions embedding communication in their business processes.

IBM stands for International Business machines. They manufactures and markets large enterprise business systems, such as mainframes and mid-range computer systems, they also manufacture microprocessor chips used in variety of electronic devices. Its Headquarter is in America Armonk, New York.

Plantronics is an electronics company producing audio communication equipment’s for business and consumers. Its products support unified communication. On may 18 1961 Plantronics introduced the first light weight microphone MS-50.It was Introduced in commercial Marketplace in 1962.

Verba Technologies is a leading provider of call recording and quality management solution for unified communication and contact center platforms that support voice data and telepresence devices. It expands unified communication platform capabilities with reliable scalable call recording and quality management technology helps in managing risks and increasing productivity.

Western India Products Limited is an Indian Multinational IT consulting and outsourcing company it helps customers do business better by leveraging their Industry-wide experience deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services, and vertically aligned business model. They are globally recognized for their innovative approach towards delivering business value and their commitment to sustainability. Today they are a trusted partner of choice for global businesses looking to ‘differentiate at the front’ and ‘standardize at the core’ through technology interventions.

Vardhaman is responsible for providing system integrated solutions and well defined manufacturing process and seasoned availabilities. Vardhaman provides the cost effective electronics manufacturing solutions available while adhering to highest standards of service, quality and delivery.
Their Research and development team is responsible for developing unique and value added products. Their R&D team can be divided into hardware and software. They spare no effort to develop innovative product and provide the solution to meet the demand in the marketplace.

Datacom products India private limited is known for providing converged communication solutions. Along with converged voice they also provide data and video networks to contact center solutions, unified messaging solutions, and customer services.

Servion Global Solutions specializes in Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solutions that help companies provide superior customer experience. With over 600 customers and 1000 installations in more than 60 countries, Servion’s products and solutions handle in excess of 7 billion voice / fax / ACD / Web / e-mail interactions per year.

Jampot has teamed with Servion to deliver Enterprise Trading Telephony to HDFC Bank. This has been Jampot’s second biggest account replacing technologies like IPC and British Telecom.

Mida Solutions was formed with a definitive mission to provide innovative technologies for all types of communication. Since then, the Mida team has become a global leader in Unified Collaboration and Professional Communications. Service providers, system integrators, and IT managers from all industries rely on Mida’s extensive suite of advanced services and voice applications.
Mida is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.