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Instant Connect Enterprise™ (ICE) is a Dynamic Frontline Communications™ software platform that combines the benefits of conventional push-to-talk with new dynamic talk group capabilities.

At the heart of the ICE solution are the Instant Connect Enterprise Server™ and RallyPoint media bridge, collaborating to provide the platform’s centralized management and cross-network interoperability. You can then add Mobile/Desktop clients and a host of other optional services to build out your custom environment.

A revolutionary step forward from push-to-talk
Task-based talk groups dynamically connect team members essential to completing the mission, based on business rules defined by the enterprise:

– Fluidly assembled, disassembled, expanded, or reduced in real-time to add or remove team
members as circumstances evolve
– Triggered by both scheduled activities (workflows, tasks) and unscheduled events (incidents)

– Easily connected to other dynamic or ad hoc talk groups created on the fly for optimum productivity, incident response, and worker safety

  • True interoperability – team members can join using any device (mobile, radio, IP, telephony, company-owned, BYOD) across any network (LTE, Radio, Wi-Fi, IP, MANET, PSTN, 5G)
  • Supports voice, data, IoT workflows, and more
  • Limitless scalability with a lightweight IT footprint
  • Flexible deployment – on-premises, cloud, or hybrid
  • Serverless – voice communications continue even if servers are unavailable or inaccessible