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We are specialized in acquiring complete in-depth knowledge of products and solutions we work with and developing training programs that suit the customer and product company’s requirements. Customer training is an excellent way to reduce customer support interaction and to improve customer retention. It develops a sense of trustworthiness for your business while involving customers with your products and services. Many large enterprises who are part of our extended ecosystem through OEMs are now using Our training programs for Employees, resellers, partners, vendors, and majorly customers. Our training also includes hands-on exercise, Evaluation, Certification, and of the course a feedback system.

Jampot has developed a specialized and proven Framework to provide results for BT Trading solutions. We have standard User and Admin training further classified as Basic and Advanced modules that could be further be customized to provide 1 to 5 days covering required contents considering existing knowledge level at partner or customer side staff.

The purpose of the Training Plan is to identify the appropriate training strategies and activities required to achieve the desired learning outcome from the refresher student.
The Training Plan provides a clear understanding of what must happen to meet the training requirements that have been defined, thus, the refresher students receive training to enhance the skills, and/or abilities required to support the BT trading system.

Training Objectives
Outline what the objectives for the Training Plan are:
• Refresh the knowledge gained by the refresher students.
• Ensure all the students reach an appropriate level of skills to troubleshoot issues.
• Ensure all students know the proper way to connect with BT third and fourth line.
• Ensure all students have good hand on experience on the components involved in the trading solution.

The following assumptions apply to the training plan –
• Access approval for trainers
• One turret deployed per student
• Stable network connectivity
• Student arriving at location on time
• Availability of one IT engineer to assist the trainer

• Deployment of TSS, TPO, Turret and UT assure in some location which can provide us the servers.

Training Assessment
For the students, during the introduction phase we need to have an assessment of 10 to 15 minutes in order to identify the gap in knowledge, skills and level required to support the BT trading system.

Sample 5 Days Standard Admin Training Plan

Training Approach

Training Methods
This section describes the training methods selected based on the options available and recommended by expert trainers. The training plan has been distributed in five days program which will be explained below –

1. Day 1 – TSS, TPO and Console
On day 1 we will be performing the installation of TSS and TPO. Once the installation is done, we will be moving forward with the console page introduction and components that are present in the console page. At the end of the day, students will be in a position to deploy TSS and TPO on their own and, they can perform replication and redundancy.

2. Day 2 – Console and Turret
On day 2, the remaining part of the console page will be covered, and the students will start deploying turrets. Once the turrets are deployed and linked with the TSS, we can move forward with a doubt session or a question/answer session. At the end of the day, students will have good knowledge about the console page, and they would also know how to deploy turrets and link it with the TSS.

3. Day 3 – Turret Hands-on & configuration
On day 3, students will be asked to create lines, profiles, shortcuts, coloring the shortcuts and all the other components that can be reflected on the turret. At the end of the day, students will gain more confidence on the turret and its configuration.

4. Day 4 – Logs and Troubleshooting
On day 4, students will be asked to collect logs and they will be trained on level 1 and level 2 issues.

5. Day 5 – Lab Scenarios, Practical’s and Quiz
On this day students will be asked to deploy TSS and TPO from scratch. This day can also be used as a buffer day if any students want any topics to be repeated.

Training Infrastructure

Training Facilities

The following is a list of the equipment and facilities preparation that will be required for classroom training sessions:
• Space for the trainer to keep his laptop for training
• Projection or connection to a big display
• One turret for the trainer and one turret for each student
• Additional Lan cables for connection of the system.

Training Materials
The following documents will be handed to the students for quick access to information –
• Quick Start Guide
• Yellow Page
• Offline Help section
• BT/IP-Trade Kit

BT Trading System Quiz
Once all the training topics are covered, we will be having an online quiz to understand the level of knowledge that the students have gained during this course of the training process. This quiz program will take place on day 5.