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Since the start of pandemic, organisations are looking for solution which is readily available and can be securely accessed. Jampot technologies took this opportunity to build a multi-tenant solution that involves all the core components that are essential in a trading solution. Jampot provides all-in-one solutions and delivers cloud computing services including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and monitoring.

The entire solution will be protected with the help of a firewall and session border controller thus increasing data security and data privacy. The standard security parameters are being applied and the solution will be monitored 24/7 which will be real-time monitoring. The only way for a user or anyone willing to access the setup will be through the VPN that Jampot provides.
Jampot focuses on improved collaboration, easy accessibility, low maintenance cost, pay-per-use strategy, and data security. The solution provides flexibility to users and feasibility for organizations to integrate servers with the Jampot Cloud solution. The Solution is designed particularly for small to medium-scale businesses, where we can offer their users the flexibility to work remotely from any location. This service provides customers with an “All-in” cloud solution, based on a price per user model.
Jampot technologies in collaboration with British telecommunication offers Flex pro that provides customers with seamless Trading and Command & Control experience, with no hardware maintenance and making sure customers operate at peak efficiency with this advanced communications and collaboration solution.
Jampot offers four subscriptions for customers based on the requirement – Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Platinum plus. The SLA defined by Jampot is very less and for a seamless customer experience, Jampot provides 24/7 support helpdesk through email and voice. Jampot Cloud Solution has the potential to have a great impact at a low cost and provides many benefits to users as well as for business.