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Jampot Technologies has developed expertise and framework in providing Remote Infrastructure management services involving Installation, Deployment, and training, and many more services asked by clients. This is a natural extension of Onsite Services Jampot provides to their OEMs, partners, and Customers.

Keeping your applications and IT infrastructure running smoothly requires a skilled team constantly monitoring everything from server security to WAN performance. In fact, the more you invest in IT, the more skill-set is needed to support and secure it. Hiring and retaining the right talent has never been tougher than in today’s market.
This is why so many organizations are turning to Managed IT Remote Services as a way to reduce overall operating costs and free up staff to focus on urgent business transformation objectives. Don’t waste your scarce IT resources on time-consuming tasks such as software installation, patching, management, and monitoring just to maintain the status quo.
Jampot understands security and compliance norms. We use some of the best tools available like Mantis, ZenDesk or Webex, or client recommended/certified tools to get access to the client environment securely when needed.
Jampot works with their OEMs in supporting niche solutions 24×7. The specific solution skills are not available easily in the market and Jampot ensures that support staff is trained in solution and handling customer queries and support activities smoothly.