• IP Trade is the leader in real-time communications and collaboration for trading floor environments.
  • IP Trade turrets are specially designed for applications such as trading on dealing room.
  • IP trade offer traders working in global markets robust tools for increased performance, profitability, and end-customer service through higher levels of efficiency and productivity.
  • IP Trade system solution has extended IP and VoIP technologies to the trading floor by unifying voice, data, and streaming media into a single, agile and always-available solution.
  • The IP Trade solution Tech Facts:
    • Standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based software architecture. Thus allowing it to use with Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel and various other standard call manager configuration.
    • Extensible to multiple communications applications and information systems.
    • Reliability and security through active integration with LDAP and/or AD Integration.
    • Can work with Corporate Directories, Databases, Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
    • A range of Support for various recording Solutions like Verba, Carin, NICE NTR, etc.
    • Ease of use by support of a wide veriety of Plantronics audio equipments such as Headphones, Speakers, etc.
  • Trading floor is not a “one size fits all” environment; knowing so we have a series of trading applications and Trailored made solution for each and every user with wide veriety of turret form factors to suit the need of every type of user.
IP Trade provides 3 different types of turrets

This range of touch-sensitive IP Trade turrets increases trading performance by unifying vital voice communications and information. IP-driven turret devices centralize voice, data, and video in a single solution.

IP Trade turrets support up to 32 simultaneous media streams, data, 500 lines, and up to 10,000 contacts. Traders can choose between 3, 10 and 30 channels.

Users of IP Trade turrets can also enhance communications for remote access. Mobile Trading and Off-Floor Intercom applications for IP phone users enable direct communication with the trading floor.

T3 Flex Soft Trading Turret Application offers trading professionals a comprehensive, streamlined trading turret communications experience on any Windows 7 device, to maximize flexibility and productivity.

Deployed as a soft client application, T3 Flex features a high-capacity customizable display with key telephony, hoot n holler and intercom on a single screen, enabling traders to easily monitor all activity and access contacts at the touch of a button.

T3 Flex facilitates rapid communications among traders, clients, and counterparties.

The T4, is the turret that revolutionises the integration between the trading room and all other environments of unified communications and also matches the styling and ease of use of the most advanced tablets in the market.

The latest touchscreen technology ensures that the T4 is both a true turret as well as a multi-application tablet. The IP Trade applications such as video conferencing, web apps or custom apps, click to dial, unified contacts, multi directory access etc. are even simpler to use thanks to zooming and sliding screen features.