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What do trading floors and contact centers have in common? All of them follow compliant rules and regulations. If this is what your organisation does, then you’re on the right page. With our effective interaction recording and logging, we can help you comply with rules and regulations, improve agent productivity, increase customer experience, reduce liability, and and increase business security.
Interaction recording and logging is now a critical function for dispute resolution, fraud prevention, collections, emergency communications.
Jampot Technologies along with Carin provide customers with unique features such as recording, Cisco TelePresence and video calls, high availability option and hosted/multi-tenant capabilities, efficient multi-site support, feature-rich control from an IP phone, secured data access, reliable and scalable architecture. Carin is an award winning call recording system, is a premiere Cisco Compatible solution but it also supports Avaya, BroadSoft, IP Trade and any SIP compliant telephony solution.
CARIN is designed from the ground up to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of industries such as banking, insurance, government, application service providers and specialized customer contact centers. CARIN can support any business model from SMBs, to large multi-national enterprises and hosting providers.