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Mayur Parekar

Operations Head

A prudent manager,diligerent task master, an avid footballer, a friend in need…

He is known as the most chilled out manager of the organization.He is our “Operations Head” Mr. Mayur Parekar.

He has been donning various hats since the time he has join this company. Having an humble start in technical support to Systems Engineer & today he is the operations head of Jampot Technologies.

He has been known for bringing up cheerful light spirited work environment. With his business acumen he has faced challenging business scenarios with an ease and has mastered the skill of turning them into great learning experience.

Altogether he has brought all new freshness in this new age corporate ethos.

Primary Skills

  • Team ¨Player
  • Resource Management
  • Account Management Client
  • Relationship Management.
  • Logical Thinking